Carnelian Honey Bee

“Honey Bee”

I’ve carved this intaglio honey bee out of some perfectly honey coloured Carnelian.  It is slightly banded with white lines you can see on the side and through a colour change on the back.

Carnelian has been carved for 1000’s of years and like Jade is found worldwide and also here in NZ. 

Because Carnelian is so translucent I often carve it in  “intaglio” which means I carved the bee and comb pattern into the front as a negative impression, instead of a raised carving.

Intaglios were most often used as stamps where you would push them into a soft material like wax to get a positive image.  A positive stamp is included with this piece (shown)

Material – New Zealand Carnelian
Size –  17mm wide X 26mm high
Adjustable tan cord

carnelian honey bee
carnelian honey bee