Jade Atlas Beetle “Inner Light”

The inspiration behind this Jade sculpture is the age old idea that its what is inside that counts and how your first impression of someone based on their appearance can often be wrong.

The Atlas beetle looks quite sinister at first sight but when they open their wings they are transformed into something beautiful.

I exhibited Inner Light at the 2015 Suzhou International Jade carving exhibition in China and was thrilled when he was awarded a Gold.

The beetle is articulated so the legs and front horn move, his wing cases open and shut and the green wings come in and out.

He is made up out of 10 separate Jade pieces. I chose the different Jades to match the idea and the colour contrast the real beetle has between his hard exoskeleton and this bright translucent wings.

Head, horn, body and wing cases – Australian Jade (Cowell)
Eyes – Wyoming Jade
Wings – Wyoming Jade
Legs, hinges, antennae, internals – Sterling silver
Post – bronze
Wood base – swamp Rata

You can see a video showing pictures of how I made him here –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoU6F5EuNLs