Jade Bracelet – Dark Fluted

I carved this Jade bracelet out of a piece of beautiful Wyoming Jade. While the bracelet looks black, it is actually very dark green so lightens/warms up in the sunlight.

Because the stone was a dark colour I designed the Jade bracelet to have lots of different reflecting surfaces. I especially like the flutes, I have used grooves in a lot of my pendants but they are the strongest in this design I think.

This was the first time I have used this particular stone and I really enjoyed it. It has a very tight grain and as I was going through the grades of sandpaper (course to fine) I could see the transparency/glow appearing around the edges in the sunshine.

It feels like a special piece to me. It’s very tactile, I find myself picking it up a lot and turning it to see how the different surfaces capture and reflect the light.