“Progress (From Nature?)” – Jade Shield Beetle

“Progress (From Nature?)”

This piece is about the way we progress as a race and what we value. We are so fragile and dependent on our environment for the basics like food, air and water but what we view as progress more often than not damages these necessities. I believe we are out of touch with reality and too easily distracted by the next colourful thing that comes along.

In this sculpture the shield beetle and the wooden base represent the natural world (The shield beetle being the strong side and the base the softer side) The basalt block is a symbol of our work and “progress”. There is a raised Pounamu growth in the front of the block and two flatten out ones behind.

Beetle – Pounamu
Eyes – Wyoming Jade
Grey rock – Basalt
Metal – Silver
Wood base – Swamp Rata

Photos by Jacob Sheehan