Back to the Source

$510 NZD

“Back to the Source

The stone I used for this piece is called Carnelian. It has been carved for 1000’s of years and like Jade is found worldwide and also here in NZ. Most of ours seems to come from Coromandel.

Because this piece was so translucent I decided to make the whole carving a reverse intaglio which is a fancy way of saying I carved the Tui and river into the back of a piece instead of the front.

This piece changes its appearance depending on whats behind it so I’ve included photos in and out of the sun and with some different colours.

This style of carving really pops when held up to the light.

Material – New Zealand Carnelian
Size –  22mm wide X 44mm high
Adjustable black cord

Shipping is free within NZ / Australia and a flat $20 NZD worldwide.

Questions? – Get in touch

Sorry this piece has sold. Please get in touch if you would like to commission a similar piece.