Brown Siberian Jade Beads

$2,300 NZD

Earthy Jade bead strand

I carved all the beads in this strand from the same block of  Siberian jade.  It is a mix of chocolate brown through honey colours to creamy white.  Because the tones are so soft the whole strand feels very warm visually.

The vibrant green slider beads that go into the clasp are also from Siberia. These contrast wonderfully with the brown tones and set little points of interest at the back of the strand.

As always I’ve left the silver clasp unattached in case the owner wants the length changed.  I do this by adding or taking away beads (and adjusting the price).

See a finished strand  – Cassiar beads
Hand shaped beads

Material – Siberian jade (Nephrite) with a handmade silver clasp.
Length – 42 cm of beads,  approx 46cm in total with the clasp.

Shipping is free within NZ / Australia and a flat $20 NZD worldwide.

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