Commission a Pounamu Huia


If you would like me to make you a Pounamu Huia, fill in the form below and we can talk through the details.

*  Huia were a native NZ bird that was last seen in the early 1960’s.  The females had a long curved beak whereas the males was much shorter.  Their other obvious features were a red wattle and white tipped tail feathers.  I associate Huia with love , uniqueness and a special connection.

Body – Pounamu (NZ Jade)
Inset eye – dark Pounamu
Wattle – NZ Jasper
Cord – adjustable with Pounamu sliders

Price – $800 NZD each.
Shipping – Free inside NZ, $20NZD worldwide
Terms – 50% upfront, the balance once you have oked photos of the finished piece.
Payment – Inside NZ Bank deposit or Paypal, outside NZ Paypal or Western Union.

These are photos of Huia I’ve previously made.  I can made them as a pair or individually.