Jasper Ruru / Morepork

$845 NZD

Jasper ruru /morepork

I call this piece the blood ruru.  This mainly clicked due to the colour which gets its redness  from iron – the same as our blood. In our culture blood is often associated with violence or shown for its shock value but it’s essence is really life giving and positive.

I found this piece of jasper in one of the rivers on the Coromandel peninsula. The shape of the final carving was dictated by the natural found shape.

Material – Jasper (Coromandel, NZ)
Size – 75mm high
Hand plaited (by my son) adjustable grey cord.

Shipping is free within NZ / Australia and a flat $20 NZD worldwide.

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Sorry this piece has sold. Please get in touch if you would like to commission a similar piece.