“Royalty” – Huia

$430 NZD


Because this piece was so translucent I decided to carve the Huia in “intaglio” which is when you carve the design into the front surface of the stone.

The orange flame-like markings at the bottom remind me about the tale of the phoenix – being burnt to ashes then reborn.  Every now and then you hear stories about possible Huia sightings or calls.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were some left.

This stone is called Carnelian. It has been carved for 1000’s of years and like Jade is found worldwide and also here in NZ. Most of ours seems to come from Coromandel.

Material – New Zealand Carnelian
Size –  22mm wide X 30mm high
Adjustable black cord

Shipping is free within NZ / Australia and a flat $20 NZD worldwide.

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