Small Greywacke Toki

$320 NZD

I think Toki or Adze/Axe/Chisel shapes would have been some of the first forms carved in stone based cultures around the world.  Large ones would have been used for cutting down trees and shaping canoes and finer ones for wood carving with a lot of different sizes and shapes in between for a multitude of different jobs.

Typically the design represents crafts people or makers but also strength. This piece is a smaller/lighter Toki with an adjustable cord.

The stone is Greywacke (NZ).  It is a medium dark grey with black and white flecks
Material – Greywacke
Size – 65mm high X 23mm wide
Hand – plaited adjustable grey cord

Shipping is free within NZ / Australia and a flat $20 NZD worldwide.

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